The Fiji Times » PRB installs CCTV cameras

The Public Rental Board (PRB) has installed Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in its Raiwai and Mead Rd, Tamavua estates and will soon be following up with Reba Circle, Nadera in an effort to ensure the safety of residents.

Properties manager Maloni Dauwrewa said they noticed changes in behavior within the PRB estates during and following the COVID-19 pandemic and there were concerns following recent youth fights that took place at the estates. PRB.

“During COVID-19, the board has put in place a policy of banning visitors due to the risk of infection,” he said at a stakeholder meeting at the resort yesterday. the Housing Authority in Valelevu.

“And we haven’t contacted our tenants for a year and a half.

“We have noticed changes in behavior.

“So out of all the negativity that we are still seeing, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We believe there is something good that could come out of a domain of the Public Housing Authority.

Mr Daurewa said they were working with youth groups to help clean up their properties.

“We engage our young people and empower them to be more responsible in maintaining the estates.”

To enhance safety and security, he said CCTV cameras had been installed in the Raiwai and Mead Rd areas.

“And in two weeks we will go live Nadera, domain of Reba Circle.

“We are grateful to the Fiji Police for bringing the cameras live to the command centre.

“It’s a huge step between what we were doing before and what we’re doing now.”

Mr Daurewa said the safety of PRB tenants was a priority area for the council and every effort was being made to ensure their safety.

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