The legendary modder is working to bring all Unreal Engine games to VR

Virtual reality is one of the coolest and most functional current next steps in gaming. Placing players in these virtual worlds, having them look around, move their arms and sometimes even their whole body can really improve the game. ‘experience. Simple games can feel wonderful, fast-paced games are exhilarating, and scary games experience a whole new level of terrifying. But developing for VR is a ton of work, and it’s still kind of niche, so there’s not nearly as many VR as possible. Thankfully, again, modders are working to help change all that.

Dedicated people work hard to bring us amazing VR experiences through older games. We saw this epic Half-Life 2 VR mod, (opens in a new tab) explored the high fantasy land of Skyrim, (opens in a new tab) and even games like Valheim are going VR (opens in a new tab). Mixed News (opens in a new tab) recounts a recent update to a VR mod project called Universal Mod that could bring hundreds of games to this new perspective.

A universal mod is being worked on to bring Unreal Engine games into VR. It’s not just an Unreal title in the works, but a workaround for the engine itself, which means we could see a flurry of older games coming to VR. Although the mod is not yet complete, a new video has been released showing a few games running in VR. These include games like Life is Strange: True Colors and everyone’s favorite cat simulator, Stray, running in VR with 360° views and freedom to move.

The mod was originally worked on by Gabriel Pizarrom, a programmer who often goes by TheNewJavaman. Pizarrmon left the project to work in the industry, leaving Praydog, the modder behind the excellent Resident Evil VR ports, to take the reins.

Praydog has since endeavored to use the framework created in his work on Resident Evil to translate it to the Unreal Engine as a whole. While there’s no release date yet, the videos look promising, especially combined with Praydog’s previous known work. In the video (opens in a new tab) you can get a pretty clear preview of the promised features like synced eye stereoscopic 3D and detached weapon looks so you can look one way and point your weapon another.

Even better, the Praydog legend leaves this universal mod open for others to play and mod to their liking. They also encourage others to work on their own mods for games using the foundations already laid here. There’s even a list of games they think could benefit from the mod. fee for picking (opens in a new tab).

It’s a wonderful example of the kind of amazing things the PC gaming community can achieve by working together. The dedication and passion and intelligence and drive to do these things is amazing and is going to bring big smiles to many happy VR gamers all over the world.

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