The Pixel 6 Pro’s camera lens cracks, breaks, or is damaged from the inside

The Google Pixel 6 is without a doubt a strong contender for Phone of the Year. But the numerous software and hardware issues affecting the user experience make it wonder whether they should buy the device.

Recently, several Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users reported that their phone’s screen cracked even though they didn’t drop it.

Some say it could be because the Google or Spigen box is putting too much pressure on the screen.

Pixel 6 Pro

Now Pixel 6 Pro users are report that the lens or glass of their camera is damaged or cracked from the inside.

We would like to remind you that the Pixel 6’s screen and camera lens are protected by Corning’s toughest glass called Gorilla Glass Victus.

Some say the crack does not appear in the pictures and cannot be felt from the back of the phone, while others say it is impossible to click photos or record videos.

You can see in the image below what the broken camera lens looks like to some.

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Here’s what a Pixel 6 Pro had to say with a cracked camera glass:

I just received my pixel 6 pro. The phone is new, has never been abandoned and looks great. However, when I try to take a photo, the default camera lens is clearly cracked. When you use the pan sensor or the 4x zoom, everything looks perfect. The back of the phone is also perfect, but you can definitely see that something is cracked when you try to take a photo. I’m trying to contact Google to file a warranty claim, but they are apparently too busy so I can’t get a call from them or chat and have to post it to the community instead.

For some, the glass looks great on the outside but looks damaged on the inside.

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But today I found out that the camera glass is chipped or dented or maybe even cracked at the telephoto position. What is strange is that the glass is damaged on the inside as I cannot feel the damage when I touch the glass at the mentioned bump position. While this does not affect the field of view of the lens yet and therefore has no impact on the image quality, I immediately called Google and requested a repair as I am deeply afraid this thing. does not expand and render the lens somewhat unusable. I always use the phone with a case and have never dropped it until now so have no idea how the fault even formed. Do you now know of cases similar to mine?

Device owners who were able to contact Google said the tech giant asked them to replace the whole back glass because it is allegedly attached to the camera lens.

But by replacing the whole back glass panel would cost $ 200, which is almost a fifth of the price of the device.

Additionally, given that Google has yet to officially comment on the Pixel 6 Pro camera’s broken lens issue, it remains a mystery whether it is a design or user fault. . Nonetheless, we’ll update this space when new information becomes available, so stay tuned.

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