The world in your living room | Local announcements

RIDERS MILLS – Join the Historical Association of Riders Mills and Stuart Lehman at 1pm on August 13 at Riders Mills School, Riders Mills Road and Drowne Road, Old Chatham, for the presentation The World in Your Living Room, The Stereoscope and the 19th century virtual reality.

In the 19th century, the new art of photography changed the way people viewed the world. Long, dangerous and expensive journeys were no longer the only way to discover distant lands. Photography could take you there. At the same time, another concept was developing, what we now call “3D”. These new technologies created an “immersive experience” that even families of modest means could enjoy. The stereoscope, with its photographic view maps, would introduce people to landscapes around the world. It would bring historical events into the house and record important places in many local communities. Join us for a hands-on presentation as we explore this popular hobby!

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