The World Science Festival Brisbane has unveiled its busy 2022 program with over 130 events

Brisbane isn’t quite the center of the universe – but in March it will be, especially when it comes to science and technology. Since 2016, the city has hosted New York’s only Asia-Pacific branch World Science Festivalwhich floods the place with knowledge through lectures, panels, workshops, films and scientific and artistic installations.

The 2022 festival will once again run for five days, from Wednesday March 9 to Sunday March 13; however, the event will also integrate with Curiocity Brisbane. The latter focuses specifically on the intersection between art, science, and technology, and runs for an additional week until Sunday, March 20, meaning you’ll have two festivals to attend, not just one.

On the World Science Festival Brisbane lineup, a long list of local venues will host in the science extravaganza, offering a long list of activities to go along with it – all revolving around the theme ‘Science, People, Heart’. The full program includes more than 130 events, nearly 50 of which are free, with highlights such as scuba diving with a marine archaeologist, sighting a nerd night variety game show filled with both comedians and scientists, listening to queer scientists, taking sessions on mushrooms and enjoying themed guided walks through leafy Brisbane locations.

Or, you can enjoy a stargazing pass; touch live sea life like starfish, sea urchins, tropical and black sea cucumbers at South Bank; combine a walking tour with a silent disco; and shop in a sustainability-focused marketplace.

And, when you’re not listening to Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki discuss the science of comedy, you’ll see science and music paired via Something for Kate’s Paul Dempsey and sex therapist Chantelle Otten, learning why Mars continues to fascinate earthlings and finding out more about running to commercialize space and hanging out in the Science Center at South Bank Piazza.

Brisbanites can also see a program of films about animals and the natural world at the Australian Cinematheque in the Gallery of Modern Art, including the outstanding pig-focused Gunda and inspiration The biggest little farm – then head to the annual turtle hatching session (yes, with real little turtles).

Curiosity 2021, Markus Ravik

Additionally, at Curiocity there will be physical spaces that also play with all things digital, spread across a five-kilometre walking path at South Bank. Highlights extend Recognize the place, which asks participants to sit down and consider an Indigenous perspective on caring for the country; public sculpture OHCE/ECHO, which captures your portrait and incorporates it into the artwork; and The wandering birds have returned to the river (even Bernice)featuring giant imaginary bird nests made from repurposed and reusable consumer goods.

Other Curiocity must-haves include Luminous threadswhich combines embroidery with modern fiber optic technology; Project Mirage [Iceberg], which uses stereoscopic photography to embed an Antarctic iceberg in the southern shore; and light and sound atmosphere In the air, a time-lapse piece that uses data from Antarctic ice core samples to map changes over the past 400,000 years in a half-hour music and light show.

World Science Festival Brisbane 2022 runs from Wednesday March 9 to Sunday March 13, while Curiocity Brisbane runs from Wednesday March 9 to Sunday March 2. For more information and to buy tickets, go to Brisbane World Science Festival website.

Top image: Evanescent, Curiocity 2021, Markus Ravik.

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Sarah Ward

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