These are the best 360 cameras for photo and video in 2022

It’s early 2022, and once again the world has retreated into pandemic bubbles. If there was ever a use case for 360 images and video, it’s now, when it’s safer to experience things virtually than in person. That’s where 360 ​​cameras come in, and here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the best horses for photo and video lessons.

Ben Claremont, one of YouTube’s most prolific 360 content producers, brings you an annual update to his “Best 360 Cameras” list. This year, however, Claremont has split the categories into best photos and best video cameras, since for the purposes of showcasing a virtual space, a camera that excels at stills is going to be more useful than video, and the state Unfortunately, the market is such that there’s no all-around camera that’s great on both counts. (Although, as I’ve often said and Claremont echoes here, my perennial favorite Kandao QooCam 8k is getting closer, although as Claremont points out, it’s been discontinued in favor of the QooCam 8K Enterprise at a much higher price).

What’s surprising about this list is that many cameras, at least in the 360s, get a bit long in the tooth. The best camera on this list, the Ricoh Theta Z1 has been around for ages, only gaining a slight memory upgrade since its release in 2019. That said, it started the game with a 1″ larger sensor than the competition, so its top-of-the-line performance doesn’t are not necessarily a surprise. What is surprising is that the price of the camera has not budged. In fact, it is now $1,047, which is more than the starting $999. I know this because I myself have been waiting for a price drop for years and it seems that I am out of luck there.

The list isn’t entirely devoid of new cameras, at least on the photo side. One camera that’s new to the party isn’t a “traditional” 360 camera with multiple lenses, but rather has a lens that rotates around to take pictures from four angles. the Trisio Lite2 is an intriguing entry, and while it can’t take shots with moving subjects (since it relies on taking time to shoot and take multiple shots), for interiors and real estate, this seems like a cost effective way of high-res 360 still photography.

The usual video shooters top the list, with the Insta360 ONE X2 and Insta360 ONE R take the crown GoPro MAX 360. There doesn’t seem to be an incredible amount of motion in the consumer 360 video space, but as Claremont points out, a lot of the magic happens in manufacturers’ 360 software, creating special effects that were once considered insane video editing now. achievable by daily users.

Claremont’s predictions (and spoilers) for what’s to come in 2022 for 360 Cam are the most intriguing, though. For this you will have to navigate to the end of the video to see what awaits you.

Do you have any thoughts on Claremont’s list? Do you disagree or is there a camera that should be on the list but isn’t? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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