Especially in small towns, finding an Otto automaton can sometimes seem like work and pain. What to do when the strawberries are sold at a good price in the adjacent market, only cash is accepted and no vending machine is in sight? The cash withdrawal function at the cash registers of stores helps.

Money can also be withdrawn from the store

Money can also be withdrawn from the store

If Otto doesn’t catch your eye at first glance, check to see if there are any shops around you. In Finland cash can be withdrawn from almost all K and S Group stores, Tokmanni and Good Credit which means that the cash withdrawal service is very comprehensive. However, withdrawing money is limited by the payment card found in your purse and the shops’ own policies. In most cases, you also need to buy something from the store for withdrawal, but the exception is S-stores and S-Good Lender Visa.

Follow these steps to withdraw cash at checkout:

  1. Before paying for your purchase, tell the cashier that you want to withdraw money. Unlike other machines, the amount does not have to be a lump sum. The maximum withdrawal amount is usually $ 200, unless your card has other daily withdrawal limits.
  2. Put your card in the payment terminal and follow the instructions of the card reader. To accept the payment, enter your card’s PIN into the reader. The cashier will not see your account information when you withdraw money from the cashier.
  3. The cashier will give you a receipt for your purchases and the money you withdraw.

Operation in various shops

Operation in various shops

The general principle of withdrawing cash from the cashier is the same regardless of the store and card, but there are slight differences in the restrictions imposed by the various stores.

Good Credit offer cash withdrawal services at all times based on the current cash register. If there is not enough exchange money in the cashier, you will not be able to withdraw.

E-Bank customers can withdraw money from S Group’s stores up to a maximum of EUR 200. Unlike other trades, E-Bankers can withdraw money without buying anything.

Lifting also with a combination card


If withdrawing cash from cashiers is an important criterion for your debit card, consider using a debit / credit combination card. In addition to cash withdrawals at checkout, there are other important benefits of credit cards, such as travel insurance, purchase protection, or reward points.

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