This strange “3D Wiggle lens” is the first of its kind


It is very unlikely that many photographers will have a 3D lens. What is that? And do you really need it?

Standing out in the sea of ​​photographers already in attendance can be difficult. Sometimes an original lens can be the answer, and this 3D lens featured by Mathieu Stern in his latest video could be just what you’re looking for.

In a nutshell, this lens built by George Mua is a stereoscopic lens designed for digital cameras. If you don’t know what the term stereoscopic means, it’s the process by which multiple photographs of the same object are taken from slightly different angles and then viewed together. This effect creates an impression of depth and gives a 3D look to the image. Stern’s video begins by telling the story of this particular technology where you might be surprised to learn the age of this type of photography. There are plenty of sample images featured in the video, which should let your creativity run wild and help you decide if you think a lens like this is really worth adding to. your camera bag.

I can definitely see customers and social media followers loving the effect a stereoscopic lens creates and the resulting images are popular on people’s feeds. In my opinion, any type of specialized lens should always be used in moderation, although I can personally see the benefits of having such a lens when you want to create something a little different.

Would you use any of these lenses? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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