Verkada donates security cameras to AAPI-owned company in Chicago

The AAPI Security Camera Donation Program began last year to combat the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, which have increased by 73% nationally. In response to the violence, Verkada launched the initiative near her home in the Bay Area, where anti-Asian violence had increased by 567% in San Francisco only. To date, the $100,000 The camera donation enabled the initial deployment of 100 cameras at Asian-owned businesses in the Bay Area, providing businesses with an additional layer of security.

The expansion of the program is driven by continued attacks and growing concerns about the personal safety of vulnerable populations across the United States, particularly among older Asian Americans. In partnership with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) of the Chinese Mutual Aid Association (CMAA), Verkada has already awarded 40 cameras to AAPI companies in Chicagosome of which are already installed.

At CMAA, our goal is to meet the needs and improve the well-being of immigrants and refugees of all generations, including small businesses,” said Chettha Saetia, director of the Illinois SBDC. “With the alarming increase in violence against our community, it is vital that we have a strong first line of defense against these acts of hate. Verkada’s donation of security cameras will help deter crime before it happens. happen and help the police catch the attacker if an attacker goes on strike. We hope the donations will bring some comfort to these business owners and allow them to stay open in these already difficult times. And beyond From donating security cameras, SBDC staff at CMAA will support our small business clients through advising and connecting to other funding.”

“At Verkada, we believe it is our duty to give back and protect the communities in which we live, work and operate, especially when the safety of those communities is under threat,” said Dervilla Lennon, head of Verkada Gives and vice president of Verkada People. “It has been deeply saddening to see the increase in acts of hate against Asian Americans over the past year, and we are committed to helping the community combat these unacceptable acts of hate.”

All organizations belonging to the AAPI or affiliated are invited to apply directly via the donation page:

CMAA is a non-profit social service agency serving the north and northwest sides of Chicago and suburbs. Learn more about

About Verkada

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