Fortunately, with debts, we can still apply for an additional injection of cash. What’s more, on Matcherbank you will find loans for those in debt. This is a selected offer addressed to people with bad credit history.

A condition for obtaining this type of financing is a stable income. For the lender, it guarantees the repayment of the customer’s debt.

The unfavorable financial situation of the applicant does not deprive him of the possibility of obtaining a loan online. However, it is worth remembering that the better it is, the greater the chances of receiving support.

It is also followed by the terms of the contract itself, including the total costs. Borrowers with better financial standing can count on more flexible contract provisions and lower interest rates or commission.

Applying for a loan for those in debt step by step

Applying for a loan for those in debt step by step

The process of applying for an online loan is quite simple. There is no need to provide documents in physical form. Everything is done via the internet, which means that both sites save time. Certificates, identity documents are sent in the form of a scan or photo to the e-mail address provided or uploaded through the user’s panel on the website of the entity granting financing.

At most, a day passes from the moment of receiving the decision on granting the installment loan to the moment of receiving the funds on the account. Today, transfers are carried out even in a few minutes.

In practice, the process of applying for a non – bank loan for the indebted is as follows:

  1. Comparison of loan companies’ offers
    This can be done on the Matcherbank website. Due to its readability and clarity, the analysis will be trouble-free. In the financial comparison site, all necessary information about the product and the lender itself are shown in bold, so you can immediately know if the offer is profitable and who stands behind it.
  2. Filling and sending the application
    In the internet age, this can be done on the lender’s website – even from a smartphone.
  3. Sending and verifying your income certificate
    Most often the client is not verified in BIK, KRD, ERIF BIG or BIG InfoMonitor, although there are exceptions. Each company has its own policy in this matter. It is worth emphasizing that low creditworthiness is not a decisive factor in applying for a loan for those in debt.
  4. Conclusion of contract
    If you accept the terms, the contract is concluded by sending a confirmation transfer from your personal account or by text message with the received code.

Refinancing many installment loans

Refinancing many installment loans

One way to deal with debts can be a refinancing loan. Such a product is a great solution in a situation when we cease to cope with our debt because, for example, it is broken down into many installments payable on different days of the month.

A refinancing loan allows you to merge all your receivables into one larger one. What do you gain from it? A lot:

  • better control of your finances,
  • longer repayment term,
  • greater sense of security.

Minus? The longer the loan period, the greater the total cost of the loan.

Types of refinancing loans

The product comes in two varieties:

  1. Mortgage consolidation loan
    It is characterized by a longer repayment period, lower interest rate and a larger amount possible to obtain. Its incurring requires the pledging of the owned property.
  2. Cash consolidation loan
    A great solution when the customer does not need a high amount. Such a loan is granted for a shorter period and does not require a pledge. The whole procedure can be done online, which reduces the waiting time for cash.