What new cameras and lenses will be launched at CP+ 2022?

After the demise of Photokina, which was suspended in 2020, the Japanese show CP+ 2022 has become an even more important date in the calendar of photography fans. So what treats can we expect to see announced during the big camera show, which kicks off on February 22?

With the CP+ 2022 online event just over two weeks away (the in-person show kicks off Feb. 24), rumors are starting to heat up, led by strong speculation that OM System will announce its first post camera. -Olympus at an event.

This is the biggest rumor of a camera launch at the show so far, but it looks like there are lenses on the way from Tamron, Laowa, Voigtlander and Sigma as well.

We’ve rounded up all the latest CP+ 2022 rumors so far to give you a taste of the photo treats we’re expecting to see release around the world, and will update this page with all the latest speculation as the show unfolds. close .

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  • What is CP+? One of the biggest camera trade shows of the year
  • When is it? It runs from February 22 to 27

What will be announced at CP+ 2022?

So far, rumors suggest it will be a relatively quiet CP+ show this year, with Fujifilm likely to record its big news for its X Summit it has planned for May, and the likes of Canon, Sony and Nikon having tend to book big announcements for their own events.

But OM System is set to cause a stir with the long-awaited full announcement of its first camera since ditching the Olympus name in October 2021. And it’s also likely that promising lenses will be announced or shown in public for the first time. in the living room. Here are the biggest rumors to date.

OM system camera

A silhouette of the next Om System camera

(Image credit: 43 Rumors)

The rumor mill is now quite confident that the first OM System camera to rise from the ashes of what was once Olympus will be fully announced at CP+ 2022 on February 24.

We already know the basics of the mysterious camera: the company says it’s “developing a new interchangeable lens camera” for the Micro Four Thirds system that will improve image quality “through the use of computer photographic technology”.

That lines up with the OM System site, which confirms that the camera’s main tenets will be a compact, rugged design with good quality optics – with hints of news coming soon about its processing powers and stabilization.

The concept made our list of the most exciting cameras of 2022, but it looks like we won’t have to wait long to find out if it lives up to that billing. The latest rumors suggest it will cost over $2,000 and ship in March.

Tamron Lenses for Sony E-Mount

The Tamron 35-150mm f/2-2.8 in front of a Sigma lens on an orange background

(Image credit: Tamron)

Tamron recently made cracking lenses for Sony E-mount cameras, including the 35-150mm f/2-f/2.8. And it’s likely to continue its form at CP+ 2022, with its exhibitor page for the event promising “the online introduction of lenses by popular photographers and the development of new products by our development team”.

What glasses will they be? It’s hard to say for sure, but patents from last year include designs for an FE 20-50mm f/2.0 lens and a 24-70mm f/4.0, which could make for a lightweight travel lens and without an appointment. Another possibility is a 90mm f/2.8 macro lens, which was first patented in 2020, with that patent receiving an update late last year.

Of course, not all patents lead to real products, and Tamron could come out of left field with something completely unexpected like Canon’s weird dual fish-eye lens. But it seems more likely to continue its recent good track record in zoom lenses for Sony E-Mount, while offering more affordable alternatives to Sony lenses with this rumored macro lens.

Cosina/Voigtländer lenses

Two vintage camera lenses on blue background

(Image credit: Cosina)

Cosina is another manufacturer that promises to unveil new lenses at CP+ 2022. The Japanese brand has been marketing glass under the classic Voigtländer name since the late 90s, its most recent lens being Sony’s E-mount and superb “Vintage Line” options for the Leica M mount.

The most recent example of the latter was the all-metal Color-Skopar 21mm f/3.5 Aspherical Type II (above). But manual prime lenses for Leica M-Mount cameras don’t exactly have much mainstream appeal.

Cosina also filed patents for three APO-Lanthar prime lenses last year, which are compatible with Sony E-mount cameras as well as the M-mount. These included designs for 25mm f/2 lenses, 75mm f/1.8, 135mm f/2 and 135mm f/1.2. So if you’re looking for a well-built and reasonably priced return lens for your Sony, Leica or Nikon F-mount camera, it might be worth checking out the CP+2022 to see what Cosina has in store.

digital exchange

A Leica camera with the Digi Swap accessory

(Image credit: Digi Swap)

Here’s the kind of camera accessory we like to find at big shows like CP+2022. The Digi Swap is basically a “digital back” for your old 35mm film camera that lets you attach a iPhone, so you can take digital shots that retain some of its analog character.

While the resulting contraption isn’t exactly an ergonomic delight, it does look like an intriguing way to breathe new life into your old film camera, if you’ve lost the enthusiasm to load it up with real film.

The Digi Swap will apparently work with phones released from the iPhone X up to and including the iPhone 13 Pro and the company says it is working on adapters for medium format cameras, alongside the current one for 35 film models mm. Expect to hear more when CP+ kicks off on February 22.

A new Laowa lens?

Two Laowa camera lenses on gray background

(Image credit: Laowa)

Laowa lenses are rarely boring affairs, preferring instead to dabble in extreme bokeh (like the Laowa Argus 35mm f/0.95 FFII), ultra-wide-angle coverage (see the 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D ) or even single macro lenses. .

On its CP+ 2022 page, their manufacturer Venus Optics indicates that visitors will be able to “try new products” on its stand. Does this mean that it will launch new products at the show? It’s not clear yet, but the description suggests it’s a possibility.

If so, the most likely candidate would be the 12-24mm f/5.6 lens which has been heavily rumored for full-frame mirrorless mounts including Canon RF cameras, Nikon Z , Sony E and Leica M. It was supposed to arrive last year, but like most manufacturers, Venus Optics has been hit with delays. Fans of wide-angle zooms are hoping it will finally arrive at the CP+ show.

What about Sony, Nikon, Canon and Panasonic?

Panasonic GH6

(Image credit: Panasonic)

The most anticipated launch of early 2022 is the Panasonic GH6, which was originally supposed to land last year but was delayed by you-know-what. At CES 2022, Panasonic said the camera will “be released before spring arrives” (in other words, mid-March), which means there’s a good chance we’ll hear more. talk more at CP+ 2022. Although it’s possible that Panasonic will hold its own event in the meantime or after the show.

If the Panasonic GH6 bows out at CP+ 2022, that would make for a huge event for Micro Four Thirds cameras, given that the OM system is also expected to land there. The system has been somewhat overshadowed by the full-frame arms race between Canon, Sony and Nikon, so we’re keen to see its resurgence this year.

As for these other camera giants, it seems less likely that we’ll see any major announcements from them during the show. None of their exhibitor descriptions hint at any big launches, though Canon does talk about its experiments and VR technology – so maybe we’ll see more concrete information about the Kokomo video calling platform than she announced at CES 2022.

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